Leadership Training: is designed to take the mystery out of leadership. We believe that training is a critical investment for a long-term success of organizations. Leadership sets in place the management process for growth, quality and society’s leadership.

Leadership Seminars: Addressing key leadership issues. VCA believes that to be innovative there must be love for learning.

Leadership Research: analysis and implementation. VCA love for research utilizes an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach. Critical organizational issues in the area of leadership are researched, analyzed, articulated and addressed.

Personal Growth Program: Programs are available for focused, advanced and intense personal leadership development.

Consulting: Advancing leadership knowledge. Leadership consulting services draws upon a variety of skilled leadership authorities and academics with time-tested experience.

Leadership Speakers: Credible Voices of Change. Authentic leaders are utilized to help students to regain their intellectual emancipation.

Leadership Application: From Conceptual to Functional. Principles of change are made available for societies.

Leadership Lectures and Conferences: Taking an advantage of the vintage years of Christian leadership, the VCA team enjoys a lifelong relationship with sought after speakers and leaders who are available to serve and address students on issues that are both personal and corporate at no cost as costs will be incurred and covered by VCA.