Lead change through discipleship and leadership training, research and networking for the development of Christ-like leaders in our university.


To recruit, raise and release agents of transformation. Discipleship, disciples & disciple-making.

Main Objectives

1. Discovering Jesus as God’s model and pattern for doing student ministry and developing lives

2. Discovering, developing and deploying disciples as agents of transformation.

3. Facilitating a platform for inter-society connection

4. Facilitating a platform for international and postgraduate students.

5. Facilitating accountability, coaching, mentoring and authorization.

6. Establish discipleship centre and resource centre for the community and the body of Christ.

7. Creating a platform of for the communities to discover life and Christ through the church.

8. To empower young people with the life that they can see, hear, handle and apply in their own lives and experiences.

9. Fathering and mentoring student leaders in kingdom leadership.

10. Creating a chaplaincy for Christian societies.